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The Following are our broad terms & Conditions for deployment of service personnel. However the terms are negotiable and subject to amendment to suit both service provider and service taker.

  • Accommodation free of cost within the premises of deployment with minimum amenities like Kitchen Space, Private Bed, Fan, Electricity & Toilet. In case of non — provision of accommodation, a lump –sum mutually agreed amount would be charge towards meeting this expenses.

  • Minimum 15 days prior notice for deployment of personnel.

  • Issue of formal work order.

  • Minimum deployment period is of one year from the date of deployment.

  • Execution of Formal Agreement within one month of deployment.

  • Monthly Service Bill payment by 7th of every month through Cheuqe / Demand Draft in favour of “Cobra Sentinal Pvt. Ltd.” payble at Patna on any Nationalized Bank.

  • Minimum One month prior written notice for termination of contract during its pendency.

  • One month service charge is required in advance.


  • We are a customer oriented service provider.

  • Optimistic and forward thinking management policies with new techniques and expertise.

  • Our Excellent HR management continues to be the biggest property and wealth.

  • Competitively Priced & Reliability of our services.

  • Small Volume — High Quality Service Level — concentrated customer oriented organization.

  • Carrying good public image.

  • Good industrial relation with our employees.

  • Periodical review and assessment of customer satisfaction. Excellent relation with:

    1. ) Law enforcement authorities.
    2. ) Democratically elected representatives of public bodies.
    3. ) Distinguished public figures.
    4. ) Public relation.
  • After sales service at no extra cost.


We have a simple procedure for providing security services after due assessment. The procedures are consisting of the following stages :

Stage I Formal Survey:
In order to assess the actual security requirement of the premises a formal security survey is conducted with the help of respective management representative.
Stage II Presentation of Proposal:
A composite proposal based on the preliminary survey conducted is presented to the management for consideration.
Stage III Negotiation:
Final negotiation with the management on all aspects of proposed security deployment is held to arrive at mutual agreement.
Stage IV Deployment:
Having completed the above three stages deployment of security personnel is done.
Stage V Post Deployment Assessment:
Periodic assessment of services in consultation with the authorized management representative is held with a view to tone-up the system and remove/rectify operational lacuna, if any.