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We are here to make a difference


We have 15+ years of solid industry experience, and during this tenure we have matured our process and service models based on valuable client feedbacks and applying learnings and best practices from clients across different sectors, thereby making us true “Continuous Improvement” practitioners.


We have an intense 21 days mandatory training for every new employee. We take our Customers’ Feedbacks very seriously and swiftly implement any improvements we can identify around the wider enterprise.

We practice “Continuous Improvement” in all our engagements and hold Daily Scrums at all levels in the organization to ensure seamless exchange of incidents, improvement ideas, learnings, suggestions, innovations across the organization. We regularly organize staff brainstorming sessions and experience sharing opportunities so that we grow at the fastest pace and become smartest through the firm’s “Collective Intelligence”.

Tailored Solutions

We take the time to understand your needs & environment. We also perform a full risk & dependency assessment to ensure that our servicing officers will tailor our services to your requirements. We implement stringent training for our entire workforce over and above the average.


We ensure high responsiveness on the ground at all times for all our services. Our stationed officers and on the move officers are seamlessly connected and any feedbacks or requests from meetings are addressed before the Close of Business on the same day.


We are committed to providing exceptional services by delivering customized, high quality and cost efficient solutions to meet the need of our clients. We strive to exceed the requests of our clients by going above and beyond what is asked requirements.

We are an independent consultancy not tied to any other businesses, this means that the advice we give you is unbiased, objective and impartial. After reviewing your needs, we make recommendations that are right for your business and within your budget.

Projects Schedules

We maintain maximum 2 weeks SLA of implementing a Greenfield services as well as transitioning existing services across all our engagements.


Cobra conforms 100% to PSARA and also meets all statutory obligations within the purview of payroll, hiring, training and labour laws.